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Julie Smits




Inked and Battered

I love ink.

Fingers stained, surfaces falling victim, the occasional ruination of precious goods--rest in peace my once virginal looking keyboard.

I love ink. I do. I really, really do. It seems to bring out stronger lines, and there's a kind of losing yourself in the process that happens when working with ink, at least for me.

So let's get started...

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Prompt 1: Draw Standing up

Mulitple sheets of A3's found themselves a new home taped to my window, their back to the London skyline.

Prompt 2: Draw With Music

For the first part, I listened to cLOUDDEAD, because I know I can work endlessly to their strange and eclectic hip-hop.

I didn't want to listen to music I didn't like, so I went with something I just don't often listen to and something that was more agressive. Staying with a hip-hop theme, I listened to Death Grips and Tyler The Creator.

Prompt 3: Draw While Rotating The Paper

I used several mediums in this prompt. Ink applied with different brushes, markers, and pens to a pad I held at angles, turned vertical, and rotated. Letting most of my lines being decided by the angle at which I held the pad, brushes pens and stuttering and halting in the process.

Afterwards I added some writing.

For this one, I folded the paper first, rotated it, let my ink dry, unfolded it, and connected my lines by typography.


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