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Ink&Craft studio

Hi everyone,

This is the final submission of my work for Creative Business BootCamp. It has been a most rewarding bootcamp for me, and I had learnt much valuable information from the teachers, whom I believe would really benefit me in the days to come. 

To be really honest, I only started work on the BootCamp when the first class started (just about 3 weeks ago), and the schedule was really really tight, so I did struggle with churning out my assignments on time. Much of the problem was a logistical one- I had to send my cards for printing, and thus was unable to get them printed in time for me to upload photos of them on my second assignment in Skillshare. 

For this assignment, I encountered the same issues too, as I found it really challenging to be able to gain many followers just a few days into creating an account for my social media platforms- I hardly have much of an audience for Instagram, and found it equally challenging to get equal amount of stuff up on Pinterest. As a result, I have decided to post my first attempt at a "JAB" on Instagram, and then share in bullet points, some concrete ideas I had brainstormed about how I may apply this "JAB" and "RIGHT HOOK" strategy in the future. 



In this example of an Instagram JAB, I used the chance of a first post to give information to the people about what my brand is about, and the story behind my brand. 

I included the following caption: 

"What is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?" -David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas

This is the first drop to my ocean.

It has been my dream since forever to share my love for pretty things with the world. Through the creation of beautiful handmade items, I hope to inspire in people positivity towards life and the passion to chase after their dreams.

Ink&Craft Studio has been a long time coming, and though this be but a humble start, surely this could be the start of something wonderful.

The following lists the JABs and RIGHT HOOK strategies that I had brainstormed:


  • Give a free inspirational hand-lettered quote weekly. (eg. #WordWednesday)
  • Feature amazing hand lettering by other designers/artists to get followers more interested in handmade items.
  • Feature other amazing small businesses to introduce followers to other brands and products
  • Give free downloadable brushes on Photoshop
  • Collaborate with other small business owners for a giveaway
  • Giveaway of my handmade products
  • Upload Hyperlapse videos of my creative process to let followers have a better idea of what goes on behind the scenes- get them more involved, make the interaction more personal
  • Sneak Peek of what is coming up next.


  • Post pictures of my product onto social media platforms and link them directly to my online shop.
  • "Want to be inspired daily? Sign up for my newsletter/Follow me at ____ (social media platform)" "Inspirational nuggets delivered to your inbox daily!" etc. to get more subscription and gain viewership.
  • Pin my products on pinterest with a link to my online shop
  • Hashtag use of my products on instagram to inspire others of creative ways to use my products in their home, and make them believe that they will want/need them, and that it ADDS to their life.
  • "Have you got yours yet?" - direct question to inspire thinking that they will want/need something similar in their lives.
  • Giveaway of my products if they tag someone else- to bump up viewership and increase sales.

It is evident that much more can be done, but I am slowly but surely working towards my goal.

Thank you so much for checking out my project! Please feel free to give any feedback or comments! 



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