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Ink&Craft Studio


This is my first submission for the Creative Business Boot Camp! I have thoroughly enjoyed myself putting my ideas to work in the course of this assignment.

I have the intention of setting up a stationery store where I will be selling my personal handmade items, either done by calligraphy or by craft. I thus came up with the name "Ink&Craft Studio" and made the logo as shown:


I painted the blue background on watercolour paper, and scanned it into photoshop and tweaked a little with it, for it to have a more organic feel, reflecting the handmade quality of the products in my shop. 

I also designed a square logo as follows:


The slogan for my shop is "Beautiful Handmade". However, as I prefer for my logos to have a clean feel, I felt that adding the slogan to the logo would "clutter" the logo, so I have decided not to include it in the logo. Perhaps I will find another method of including it into my brand identity in the future.

Next up, are the first collection CADs. I have designed a series of Christmas cards, as Christmas is just around the corner, and I have friends who have expressed an interest in buying handmade Christmas cards. However they have specified that they would be interested in cards that are not bi-fold (like the normal Christmas cards) in nature, but rather cards, that are just a single sheet (like postcards). As Christmas carols are a big hit with everyone during the Christmas Season, I have designed a set of cards that "sing"- my Christmas cards would contain specific lyrics from famous Christmas carols and thus evoke in people's memory the Christmas song just by one glance at it. I have designed a set of seven cards, each to cater to different personalities.

First we have the card for people who prefer a clean style:


Then the card for kids:


The card for that quirky friend:


Of course, a card for the lover!


A card for that colleague at work:


A card for God-loving people?


And a card for those who can read music! :)


I intend to have my cards measuring 175mm x 83mm, and to have the above designs foil-stamped for a Christmassy and festive feel. Thanks for looking! 


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