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Ink on my fingers and loving it.

This is so much fun that I lose track of time and before I know it, I've been sitting for a couple of hours completely lost in the process.  Enjoying the different nibs that Molly recommended but find that the Nikko G is the easiest to use at this point.

Begining the alphabet.

I like the elegant look of stretched out letters.

Upper Case Practice.  Clearly it is better to use the guided paper at this point but I am finding that I like the variety of working with different types of paper.

Calendar months and stretched out letters on transparent paper.  Also practiced every address in my head to get comfortable with numbers and books of the Bible offer a variety of uncommon used letters.  (The letter 'z' is one of my favorites!)

Finding it hard to keep my baseline straight so I opted for a more free form layout.


Purchased a set of scalloped edge cards at a local craft store.  Enjoyed creating custom cards to send to family and friends.  

Looking forward to developing my style.  Practice, practice, practice!

Thanks for visiting my project.



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