Liz King




Ink illustration project






EDIT: I finally did a couple of ink illustrations!  I felt really out of my depth here as I hadn't really used india ink before or done any hatching.  But it's turned out better than I expected for a first go.  I'm still gonig to do another, - maybe more of a fashion/lifestyle sort of illustration with some illustrative patterns/repeat patterns/64fb61a7textile elements in there.  As you can see I've scanned in one of the mark making exercises I did too, mostly ink and paintbrush, also stamping and making marks with found objects. I've added another pattern worrksheet at the bottom too.


I haven't finished the project yet and am waiting until I can get hold of some India ink to do the mark-making exercises.  But I've completed a few of these sheets and will probably keep doing them!  The pattern sheet in the cover image is beach-themed, and the others are just playing around with no specific theme. 

Really feel I'm learning something from this workshop -- and the lessons are so succinct and make it easy to get started, thank you!  Haven't decided on my final project yet -- I'm going to play around a lot more first. I'm looking forward to really learning how to draw, use ink & watercolour and getting my creativity back whilst learning some new skills so will be doing your other course after this!785b7b0b3472cd87c3941915.537712f0


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