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Ink dreams

Experiment 8: letting go

Molotow brush, 1 mm

7: having fun

slowly I am really having fun drawing the letters. I try to make them as spontanious as I can but this feels kind of forced. Just keep on trying.

Experiment 6: Molotow brush

Experiment 5: modified marker

Experiment 4: Tape and marker

Experiment 3: Just creating without thinking.

drawing on the salt can.


Japanese brush

My first try, the letter M on watercolor paper.
I like the roughness of the ends and the outside of the letter.

Second try, the ABC, smooth paper

My name is Maren, and I am trapped in my computer.

When I want to make analog images, I use my Wacom pen tablet. This week I discovered some nice looking Photoshop brushes which do feel kind of analog but they also feels like cheating. 

The brushes I discovered this week

Close up

Close up

So for this workshop i really want to get out of this computer and experiment the hell out of there. Here are some images that I find really inspiring.




It's all about feeling free and moving.




Get dirty









I just uploaded some more photos from a book I have for a long time. The book is called: Masters of poster design from John Foster. It is full of handmade and expressive typography.



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