Ink character: Salli

Ink character: Salli - student project

In general, I like to paint original pieces on paper and only digitize them for future reference or for some very subtle editing when showcased online. Furthermore, ink is not a medium I am very familiar with as I mostly work with watercolor. I took this class to step out of my comfort zone and develop my skills. That's what Skillshare is for, right? :)

1. Researching my name 'Salli': I knew that my parents wanted to give me a name that would be easy to pronounce in different languages and worldwide. My mother was also a huge 'Peanuts' fan and Sally Brown is called Salli Jokunen in Finnish. In my research, I found that the Finnish name Salli is a translation of the English name Sally (that is/has been especially popular in Ireland and the UK it seems), which, in turn, originated as a pet name for Sarah. The meaning of the name Sarah is "lady, princess, noblewoman". In addition to all this, I googled some people (real and fictional) that are connected with the names.

2. Sketching and inking: Based on the word web I had created I tried to narrow down the main themes to not feel too overwhelmed with the sketching and inking part. I knew I wanted to use Sally Brown's dress and curly hair; a tiara to represent the royal aspects; a shamrock for the Irish connection; a globe and some stars to represent the wide world and space; and books + papers to show that the name has been in various stories. I lightly sketched with a pencil and inked on top with different fineliners (size 02, 03, 05) as well as a brush pen. I also wrote "Salli" in different styles on a separate piece of paper. Lastly, I erased as much of the pencil lines as possible.

Ink character: Salli - image 1 - student project

3. Scanning and cleaning up: I digitized my art with a scanner at 300 dpi and brought them into Photoshop. I pretty much followed the same steps as shown in the video and edited in a non-destructive way making sure to save the originals. It took some time for sure to select all parts of the illustration and get them on separate named layers. But this was such good practice! I feel more confident about the whole process now.

4. Coloring and adding texture: I picked a color scheme for my illustration and started to play around with it. For the hair and the line below the stars, I used the 'multicolor approach' and locked the transparent pixels. Otherwise, I colored with attaching a clipping mask with a solid color to the linework. For the disk, I selected the inside area and used one of Kyle's dry media brushes. On a separate 'texture layer,' I also added spatter to various parts of the illustration. Lastly, I copied the speckles that I had saved in another PS document as part of Jamie's class. It looks really nice with them!

Ink character: Salli - image 2 - student project
5. Finished illustration: It's nice to be able to so quickly and easily modify the illustration in Photoshop with the way it's set up (e.g. separate layers, clipping masks). I really appreciate how the digitizing of artwork is taught in this class. I could fiddle around for ages and doubt the decisions I've made but at the moment I think the final illustration looks good so I'll go with that. I feel that it represents the overall 'vibe' I wanted to convey in the first place. I have the working document saved as a psd-file and the one showcased here on Skillshare is a jpeg with 72 dpi.

Dylan, you're such a great teacher! I've learnt a whole lot from this class. I'm looking forward to taking your other classes too :)

x Salli

PS. knowing how to use the Quick Mask Mode is incredible — thank you!

Salli Madeleine
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