Ink challenge

Ink challenge - student project

I used this class as a base for participating in the ‘inktober’ challenge.   I found the swatches and ink techniques very relaxing and a great way to start my actual drawing from the daily prompt. I tried technical ones, brushes, and nib pens and have shown some of the drills I did.   I just know this is a class I will not finish with even after I have completed and shared this project.  It, as you said, a bit like piano scales, or ballet barre work.  I just know I will dip in and out of the class, and make drills a regular part of my practice.  I know that doing this class helped me to keep on track and find some confidence with committing to in,.   My hippopotamus in my challenge (which I have shown separately] was drawn using the technique you showed of working with light and dark rather than contours, and I was amazed at how proportional issues were resolved quite quickly doing this.   I then used it on my rodent and my hiding tortoise too.  This is something I am going to consciously work at.   Thanks again for the class.Ink challenge - image 1 - student projectInk challenge - image 2 - student projectInk challenge - image 3 - student projectInk challenge - image 4 - student projectInk challenge - image 5 - student projectInk challenge - image 6 - student project

Lesley Grainge
Family History Author and Illustrator