Ink and Watercolor illustrations

Ink and Watercolor illustrations - student project

I haven't done the style exploration illustration exercise because I feel like style comes automatically with time. Style just shows your preferences (what you draw, how you apply color, what colors you prefer etc.). But I thought this exercise is a good start to get ideas BUT I already had different ideas after I watched the video.

I also ordered hot press arches paper which I found on sale on the internet but its going to take a few more days until it gets here. I have tried it many years ago but didn't like it but I thought I give it another try. Using markers on the Arches cold press paper isn't so much fun and ruins your pens (only have done a few). I had Canson once before and I found it very hard to control the colors and it gets easily damaged but maybe its not a bad choice if you want to do more of a loose painting.   

So I looked through my stash and I had one piece of paper left with my "Hahnemuehle Buettenpapier", a german watercolor brand. I also looked around pinterest for inspiration like you suggested and saw a painting where somebody only colored part of the painting. I liked the effect so I came up with my own painting to apply this. First I did the bear but at last I decided to do a black outline around the balloons too.   

Ink and Watercolor illustrations - image 1 - student project


Here is another one where I just doodled around and came up with this. I did the ink first and then applied the color. I used arches watercolor cold press but the back side of it. It was much easier on the pen but the downside is that the paper buckled:

Ink and Watercolor illustrations - image 2 - student project

By the way I thought it was interesting that you were using a blue pencil. Is this easier to hide as a regular pencil? I always have trouble with pencil lines in my watercolor paintings. Either I erase them too much and have trouble seeing them myself or they are still visible because once they are painted over you usually can't erase them.

Last but not least thank you for your fun and inspiring class! I have been thinking back and forth if I should say something... But if I may make a suggestion. I thought the class was very fast  (the talking and the videos) especially when you did the eye demonstration it was hard to follow because of the speed. I kept on rewinding it. So maybe doing some breaks and slowing down the demonstrations would be better. But its just a suggestion. I liked that you did the notes on the videos, that's the first time I have seen a teacher do this and I found this very helpful. This was my first class but certainly not my last one with you :).


I did some more ink and watercolor paintings. I tried out the hot pressed Arches and the Canson Paper. The colors get muddy pretty fast on the hot pressed arches paper and I thought they were also more bright on the Canson Paper. I was very surprised.

The squirrel is on Hot Pressed Arches (including Background). As you can see I cut it out because I didn't like the first background at all....

Ink and Watercolor illustrations - image 3 - student project

The flowers are on Canson and the zebra is on arches hot pressed paper:

Ink and Watercolor illustrations - image 4 - student project

I used my own photos as references and for the left I just had different flower photos as references and just came up with my own compositon. What I find difficult about drawing with ink and watercolor is how much ink to put in and how much detail with the ink..  


Watercolor Artist and Illustrator