Ink and Watercolor Exploration

Ink and Watercolor Exploration - student project

This class definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities of using these two mediums together. Thanks so much Yasmina! Now I'm excited to get back to experimenting with watercolors and trying to get over my fear of inking! I'm nowhere close to any good at either of them, but I'm not going to rush through the projects (I'm also taking your inking class and anyone can watercolor one). Though, as soon as I finished the lessons here I knew I'd be using a tired ol' self portrait I recently did but had given up on from lack of inspiration and boredom. Super inspired again!

So, here's my Pinterest board inspiration:

I'm still going to do the style development lesson. Even though I'm normally drawn to dark, abstract art, and I like creating it too, I'm not sure if it would be my watercolor style. We'll see!

to be continued...