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Thanks for the Amazing Class! Here is my brand logo, products and story. I would love feedback!

I would really appreciate any constructive criticism and feedback!




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I am trying to share that my shop:

- Is based in San Francisco
- Everything is hand made my myself
- I hand paint designs then use these designs to create products
- I am trying to have a cohesive brand image throughout the different products.


How do these shiny little gem’s come to be? They start with a little inspiration from vintage finds or travel off the beaten path. I use gouache paints and calligraphy inks in my bright little studio nook. A little hot tea and being open to happy mistakes is the perfect recipe for creating on a Monday morning.

I then teak my creatings on my macbook at the coffee shop and foil them by hand in my San Francisco home studio. With a little help from my husband and some good tunes in the background, pretty things are made.

Ink Philosophy’s name stems from our values. Ink represents using hand lettered ink and painting by hand, to achieve that “made by a human” look that I so adore. We incorporate a philosophy of business that encourages eco friendly methods and giving back.

I started this creative journey by going to college for Industrial Design and loved that I was pouring over product designs and the woodshop instead of text books. After school I worked as an Industrial Designer in Seattle and China. I then quite my day job, determined to set out as an entrepreneur. UX and Graphic Design for a few years was the perfect way to be a creative designer with the freedom of pj’s or co-working at my favorite cafe. I am all to excited to be mixing these two worlds of product design and entrepreneurship by launching Ink Philosophy. 

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