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Ink Claire

Last weekend was my first "Sunday Ink".
I always use a basic Stabilo point 88 pen to draw my sketches, just to put ideas down on a piece of paper. I've never scanned my illustrations, I draw in digital because I've been always in a rush, so this weekend dedicated to Ink was frustrating at the beginning but it got more relaxed and enoyable as much I was taking confidence. Like a theraphy. I've never used nibs before, ink everywhere - cat included - but it was fun!


Instead of using the Stabilo I already knew, I selected the Nib 1.1mm. It shows better the "boldness" of this chubby character, but it's not too much as N 1.8. Even if I prefer fine lines, where I can have more control, the nib gives the possibility to be more expressive, I was fascinated by that.

So this is the result. I added an extra detail on the head, to make her look a bit more feminine, but it's actually a sweet, linked to one of her features. I'm not totally convince about it, so please feel free to tell me what you think about it, thanks!



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