Initial Workings of Tha Goddess - Song - How I Feel

Ok so here we are - 24th May recorded some a Capella lyrics wid some melody - was thinking to go more political with Tha Goddess Music but was really tapping in to my feelings - so that took over.  Initial melody was a bit R&B Vybe then tried wid tha instrumental few days later which added some Bluesy Vybz.  Have since reworked a bit now get the melodies I like together wid ur help n lay down some stronger vocals with unique melody a song to inspire the tapping in process no matter what comes up.  

Hoping there’s a place for unique sound that carries traditions of singing with my own unique flavour n wat I bring which I hope is spiritual in essence.  

Here’s some of tha initial workings for your perusal and valued feedback 



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Tha God
Tha Goddess & Shiva’s Ink INC