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Jessica Krcmarik




Initial List

Hello everyone! Just started taking this.

Here's what I've narrowed my list down to so far:

  1. wake up
  2. shower
  3. eyeliner/clothing 
  4. check phone
  5. walk to car
  6. drive to work (15mi)
  7. walk to coffee shop
  8. check email at work
  9. say hello to bosses
  10. design stuff!
  11. lunch! probably soup or salad & juice
  12. walk + make phone calls during lunch break
  13. more designing stuff
  14. text boyfriend, who is overseas, before he goes to sleep
  15. drive home from work
  16. visit friend's art gallery
  17. dinner
  18. paint 
  19. miscellaneous internet
  20. sleep


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