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Amalia Fredericksen

Visual Designer + Brand Strategist.



Initial Ideas

1) The Academic Prude

I’m currently in college and I find myself often thinking more conservatively—for example, I don’t go out to party, I don’t drink, etc. So, my first idea is something—kind of like what Sedaris said in his interview—basically making fun of myself, or the idea of an over-achiever/ “academic prude” type. The story could be a stream of consciousness sort of thing and involve either the thoughts of the “prude” or how someone else in the class might view her.


2) The Art Student

I think of people make fun of artists/ art historians /art critics that pick apart a piece and “read a lot into it.” I go to college for graphic design and a lot of the students around me are the classic “fine artist” types that sound either egotistic or crazy when describing their thesis or concept. Maybe a story about a man who went to school for art and now is a “starving artist”—and he describes his life through a filter of bitterness and in the same diction as a “fine artist”.


3) A Week Delayed

Recently, I was alone in my apartment for a week after everyone else had gone home for winter break. I thought it was kind of funny the things I found myself doing—I went to the movies twice by myself, just aimlessly drove around one night, and came and went as I so pleased. It might be funny (or sad) to write a story developing what happens to someone when he or she have a certain amount of time alone, and maybe what observations of life and/or comments he or she might make to him or herself.



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