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Initial Ideas

Hey all, these are my initial ideas, be gentle with me!

  • Working in Retail: Life Affirming & Soul Destroying in Equal Measure
    (Personal essay, covering the variety of people/situations that arise on a day-to-day basis when dealing with members of the public)

  • Bad Things Happen When I Leave The House
    (Utilising personal experiences with my - sometimes debilitating - anxiety. It can often muster up a lot of strength to leave the house - then when I do, something ridiculous happens)

  • "Theatre People" Are The Worst
    (On feeling like the only Jim Halpert in a room full of 60 Michael Scotts. When I was studying Theatre & Performance I often felt like an onlooker, I'd find myself thinking "are you KIDDING me?!" even though this was my environment, and these were my "people")


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