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Hi there!

I would like to put some inspiring blogs here - 

http://thatsjustit.com - this is a blog by a photographer, he simply puts photographs there

http://mal-kurz-in-der-kueche.blogspot.de - this is a foodblog in german; I especially like the design! And the author - Maria - writes inetresting blog posts

http://www.ohhhmhhh.de - and  -http://www.matundmi.de - and - http://www.bakerella.com -  I like the design and the ratio of pictures/text in these three food blogs.

Now - what I do not like:

http://achookwoman.blogspot.de - too much color and you do not really know where to look...

http://ninas-kleiner-food-blog.blogspot.de - I do not like the design..

http://schokolia.blogspot.de - nope...

How about you?


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