Infography: A peculiarity-pursuing peregrination around Crystal Palace

Infography: A peculiarity-pursuing peregrination around Crystal Palace - student project

On Boxing Day, my family always goes for a walk.  This year, out of ideas, my mum has charged me with designing a stroll around Crystal Palace, where I live!  My final project is going to be creating a map to accompany that walk – a lively, infographic-style map with info about the highlights.

Level of detail is still TBC, but I feel that it needn't be to-scale, so long as it makes sense and is follow-able. Places of interest could be much bigger in size than the road on which they're located, for instance.  (I guess in this sense it's an unintentional tribute to the Mercator maps!)

I dislike drawing because it frustrates me; because I never draw as beautifully as I'd like.  I want to confront this, though, so I will do the hand-drawn exercise, sketch throughout  what's the worst that can happen?  and upload my efforts, however good or bad.  Currently I think the final map must be hand-drawn, but this could change.  Size-wise it needs to be portable and durable, as Boxing Day = high chance of rain :)

All suggestions/feedback very welcome.

Richard A

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