Chuk Ikéh

Content Designer / Writer



Infographic Elements in Illustrator

So, as a complete Adobe Illustrator rookie, this took me a couple of days to get through, because, as great as the video is, sometimes things don't go as smoothly in real life.

However, very happy with the results. I actually took this course because I thought it would be useful for me to create some infographic assets for work (I'm a content manager), and also because I wanted to familiarise myself a bit better with illustrator. As a result, incorporated my company's brand colors, typefaces etc. and personalized it a bit more, and I have to say — for being the first thing I've ever really properly "designed" — I'm pretty delighted with the results!

I encourage you to take this class; even if you think you have absolutely no clue about design or illustrator; you will surprise even yourself, I promise!

Muchísimas gracias por esta clase, Jestoni. Really looking forward to the next video!




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