Influence map of Stephane Lauzon

Influence map of Stephane Lauzon - student project

That was fun !! 
At 10 years old, I remember drawing a lot of TMNT for my friends. And I sold a couple of them for 25 cents to 1 dollars :) Comics (American, Manga and European like Gaston la gaffe or Asterix) was a great start for lightning my love of illustration. 

Also, when I was super young, I picked very heavy book at my grand parent's house to watch the gravure in it. I still love that style. 

Arimboldo was a strange artist. In a art class, a teacher asked us to paint a portrait like him. Using a lot of elements to recreate a portrait. For me, that was a blast and it's still a part of my process when a draw :) 

Thank you to make us do this ! That was really fun :) 

Influence map of Stephane Lauzon - image 1 - student project

Stéphane Lauzon