Inflating Space

A web comic (duh) about me, my life as a freelance web-developer - its perks and downsides. 

Mostly drawn on iPad.

Updates in reverse chronological order:


I'm not entirely happy with it right now - especially with the side-view. However I can get the character down quite fast now. Especially the hairstyle I can get down in a few quick strokes now. Albeit I need to fix the side view. ugh… that just looks wrong. 

It's roughly based on my real haircut and a few person I asked could relate this character to me. So, mission accomplished on that, I think.

Also the proportions… ugh. And I'm not yet sure what the character should wear. I wear mostly black shirts, most of them qwertee-esque or bands. So I though about making it black with a literal "Band" label on it. Not too happy with it tho. 

Things I'm actually happy with: Hairstyle, facial expressions. front view, back view. 


2016-06-23: SKETCHES

I hadn't settled on a style, so I opened up Pro Create, and started sketching. Here's on of the last sheets with a few experiments and the style (bottom right) I decided to (roughly) settle on.


2016-06-22: THE FIRST STRIP

I've made a few rough sketches for this one before actually creating a character sheet:



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