InfinityList – The Cinematic Action Sports Experience

InfinityList – The Cinematic Action Sports Experience - student project showcases the best actions sports video everyday. We have a very loyal audience, but we are always trying to gain new followers. We recently redesigned the home page to focus more on the thumbnails, going for a more minimal look.

Here's what the site looked like in 2012. It's pretty clear that it is a blog. We experiment a lot with the layout, but we're happy with what we have now, for now.

InfinityList – The Cinematic Action Sports Experience - image 1 - student project

So basically imagine someone coming to the site for the first time – do they know what it's about? We used to have a tagline "The Cinematic Sports Experience" which hinted what the site's about. We want people to really discover for themselves! But of course you can't rely on that.

So the current design might be a bit obtuse. But we hope the effort we put into capturing the best thumbnail for each video makes it enticing enough to watch. We're constantly experimenting, and even if we aren't 100% happy with how things are we still push ahead. (Unfortunately the advertising is at the moment is set to fallback on Google AdSense which makes the site look a bit uglier)

So for first time visitors we have added a strip that comes up with a quote from the Huffington Post about our site. It's not perfect I know so feedback appreciate. The button (which probably is a bit subtle) links out to the most popular videos for the month.

Oh also we aren't just a website. We also do our own video productions. The link is in the header across the top. We want to promote the fact that we do our own productions (and hopefully pick up new clients) but show it off in a way that doesn't irritate people who come to the site simply to watch videos. I think the header has almost been redesigned and reworked half dozen times since we launched in September 2011.