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Infinite Love Campaign

Hello! :) 

My name is Kim, and I'm a student at Prescott College - majoring in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I included the HTML & CSS class as a part of my Entrepreneurship minor, and because I go to a school that focuses on social justice (and being the geeky psych major that I am) I chose to design my site around something I feel passionate about: western media.

Here's a quick overview of how ILC came to be ::

A few years ago, a very brilliant and quirky sociology professor at my previous college showed our class this very cheesy but highly impactful film, called The Electronic Storyteller. Few films have lingered in my mind and soul as much as this one, and it instilled in me not the desire to create war against the media industry, but to change the media industry for the better. 

Thus, Infinite Love Campaign was born, and I'm super proud to call this my first built-from-scratch website! 

So far I have ::  

-Mapped out my site flow

-Created a logo (via the Studio app for iOS)

-Got the basic headings in

-Added links to all current site pages

-And even included some lovely ipsum via :) 


Please feel free to give input/feedback or simply ask questions about my project!

Thanks! <3 <3 <3 


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