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Infected Knight

Hey guys! With this being my first project on Skillshare, I've been a little hesitant about sharing with the community but decided to just give it a go. Following the lessons, I intend to create a knight whose body has been mutated and disfigured while also maintaining that iconic helmet and weapon/s.

Part 1: Thumbnails

So, straight off the bat, I've completely missed the essence of the thumbnail sketch. Engrossed in the process and jumping the gun on the values and detail, I felt I needed to see more of what the actual character looked like and wanted some differentiation between armour and mutation. Because of this, I feel I lost the potential to create more dynamic and lively poses, something I'll definitely remember when doing this again.

While the top five generally follow the same kind of concept, the bottom four seem to be a little more out-there in terms of how the mutation alters their appearance. Overall, I'm liking 5 and 6 and will probably choose one more to take to the next level.


Part 2: Refining

So, once again, it seems my biggest flaw in this project is jumping the gun on detail. While this might come back to bite me, I'm really just enjoying the process and watching these guys evolve. Selecting thumbnails 3, 5, and 6 from Part 1, I've gone and refined each of these guys, definitely a little more than what was needed. 

Just like with the thumbnails, I'm still leaning towards Bulky on the right with the middle man coming in a close second. Let me know what you guys think! Any advice or criticism on technique or methods would be greatly appreciated.


Part 3: Variation

So, probably not as varied as they could be, I've gone and changed up my favourite character of the three in the previous step. While I'm still leaning towards his original helmet, I decided to have a go at two new ones and really just play around with different little ideas (I definitely could have benefitted from some bigger changes).

Something that was really brought to light by Mary Marck's comment was that the sword was a really major part of the knight's overall essence and so I decided to replace the shield with a sword on the right variation. I feel this really helped convey that this was an offensive, intimidating character, rather than some bulky mutation that relied on a shield that was tiny compared to the rest of his figure. While the sword is still quite small, I might play around with it in the final stage.



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