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Inefficiency Hitman

My Story

I grew up watching the A-Team. I loved the idea of helping people in need. A family or some community would be in danger without the resources or knowledge to help themselves, so they would hire the  A-Team to save the day. At the end of every episode, the leader of the A-Team (Google "Hannibal Smith") would say, “I love it when a plan comes together.” Now that I am older (but still a kid at heart) and I am able to kill inefficiencies for businesses, I smile and think back to the A-Team, knowing that I am accomplishing something similar to the mission of my childhood heroes.

Today, many business leaders do not have the resources or the internal knowledge to solve their own efficiency conundrums. Usually, this results from not establishing a system that manages operations, which, in turn, inhibits efficiency. These roadblocks cost company's money and cut into the leaders' time to accomplish goals that actually grow the business. As a hitman, my job is to kill inefficiencies by developing business systems that enable business leaders to spend their time growing, improving, and spreading the word about their business.

My primary goal as an Inefficiency Hitman is to make sure that your business runs smoothly while not being burdened by unnecessary, cumbersome solutions. I want to assess the situation and then create a solution that gains your confidence because it logically accomplishes your long-term goals. As an Inefficiency Hitman, I pinpoint the proper marks until those targets are neutralized (inefficiencies, not people!). This process also includes teaching you to maintain the solution autonomously in the future. Once the job culminates in a successfully executed and sustainable solution, I can smile and, like Hannibal Smith, say, "I love it when a plan comes together."


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