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Industrial Designer Manifiesto

Hi Monica!

Thank you very much for your class. It has been so inspirtional.

I´m an Spanish Industrial Design Engineer who I´m lunching my  carrear as Industrial Design Freelancer and Here it is my manifiesto:

My Manifiesto

  • What I´m good a

I´m good solving problems and always I look for the best solution in best quallity as be posible.

  • How I want expending my days?

I want to make interesting projects in collaboration with other Freelance Designers and Design Studios.

  • What is that do I want to produce?

I want to produce Home automation products and its applications, sound systems, musical instruments and  movility solutions such as e-bikes and its applications as well.

  • How other people can benefit working with me?

Others can benefit working with me because I can meke customize product under demand solving especific to user needs. Other freelance to when I need outsource task that I need to develope the product. And of course Design studios which I can hire my service.

  • How do I make people Know me?

People can know me send applications to Design studios, in my networking of Industrial designers arround Europe and through social media such us:

My Website:


Linkedin: Luis Miguel Paz Senra.




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