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Chrysler De Castro

Graphic Designer & Illustrator





I really wanted to use this image as it shows character but the issue is it's a low resolution file and I have not used a Wacom tablet in a long time. In fact I have not been active in my art or any creativity in over a year.

At the first stage it was a stressful and frustrating process for 3 days, getting used to the tablet and starting over and over again.

Eventually after many trial and error I got used to the flow of things.

The low res file didn't matter so much as I got in the zone.


Final stages, as I discovered my values are not as accurate, appearing a zombie like feature and the edges I needed to work on. The nose are always tricky for me to define.


Finishing touches adding background and blur with high pass to overlay does really sharpen the illustration to life.

Overall I am happy I have started and got my motivation back to make art, regardless of the outcome of this project. Thank you Gabrielle DeCesaris for the lesson and your time to influence us artist who struggle.

Peace, Love & Art



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