Indoor Yarnbombing Practice

Indoor Yarnbombing Practice - student project

This is an indoor installation I made as practice. I crocheted three seperate pieces from the same pattern ("Crocheted Scallops" from the book Yarn Bombing by Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain), but I used a different amount of scallops on each: the pink one on the left has 3, the middle one has 4, and the right one has 5. I think it looked more visually interesting to have different amounts of scallops than to have all the same amount. I attached the three pieces to the stairs in my house. I wanted to do an indoor yarn bomb in the privacy of my home for two reasons: to help discover what style and look I'm going for and to practice attaching yarn bombs to fixed objects. I think I'm almost ready to hit the streets now!

Indoor Yarnbombing Practice - image 1 - student project