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Indoor Tactical Sports

Indoor Paintball in a 2-story office building! 

We offer the fun and excitement of paintball in more of an urban environment, with the added benefit of being out of the heat, humidity, and mosquitos of Houston. 

We are set up for corporate outings, birthday parties, and team events.

Here are a few pics of the facility.  One of our playing areas is completely blacklight. 

Business Model -

We have a value proposition for two sets of Customer Segments: parties/events; and tactical training/competition. 

For parties/events:

  • We offer indoor paintball for parties, outings, corporate events, etc. at a price point comparable to outdoor paintball fields in the Houston area. 
  • Our price includes unlimited ammo. 
  • Historically, paintball players are 12-25 years old.  Roughly 50% of all in this age demographic play paintball twice a year, usually in the context of a birthday party.
  • We are expanding this field to team parties, corporate events, bachelor parties, etc.

For tactical training/competition:

  • We offer airsoft training.  Similar weight, feel, recoil as live-fire pistols.  Compatible with all life-fire accessories (holsters, lights, sights).
  • Low-noise environment.
  • Lower cost alternative.  Ammunition is difficult to find and expensive - at least $0.20/round.  Airsoft is roughly $0.01/round, or 20 times less expensive.
  • Competitions progress more rapidly due to multiple shooting areas in our facility.

Who am I?  I am an entrepreneur.


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