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Jack Weiler

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Indoor Plants: Become a Green Thumb

This class will layout the essentials in a short and fun class for viewers to become confident about raising an indoor plant, and outside plant/gardens in general.

We will cover the minimum knowledge needed to maintain and care for an indoor plant. The majority of plant casualties result from lack of, or over watering.

Key Factors

  • Soil
  • Water frequency
  • Temperature
  • Lighting

Keeping it fun, we will explore nature's hardiest plants which are virtually foolproof.

With the basics covered, there is the opportunity for specific classes on advanced methods such as diagnosing unhealthy plants etc, future classes will hopefully address arising concerns of students from their projects of their own plants.

Projects will encourage students to acquire their first plant and research it's living requirements. Students will be encouraged to share the plant(s) that they have acquired.


Please check out our class outline for the upcoming class. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Happy Planting!


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