Indoor Astronomy

Indoor Astronomy - student project

Indoor Astronomy is a lighting range that brings the outdoors indoors!

I come from a design and conceptual background - this course seemed like the perfect next step to get this to market.

Currently focussing down my target market - whether to go for parents/kids or to make it more "grown up" high end or to make it slightly educational for kids.

I've currently got a very ropey prototype and am looking for lighting designers to potentially partner with.

Hoping to get my head around the manufacturing process - am a total newbie to this side of things. Am really ambitious and from the feedback I've had so far, feel like people like the product so would love to see where this course can take it (than you so much Liz!)

Am really open to where this is manufactured - have spoken to some UK product designers who produce everything here which might fit but not sure if this would be viable with units etc.