Indonesian dream

Indonesian dream - student project

Hi everyone!

My project was loosely inspired by a trip I made last year, to Indonesia. It haven't begun that way though: I first saw the flying fish and the fairy, and thought about putting them together; then I remembered seeing the background image, which is a illustration of the twilight after the explosion of Krakatoa volcano; and finally reminded of my volcano hikking and scuba diving in Indo. And that's how my very first digital collage was born!

Indonesian dream - image 1 - student project


I must confess my Photoshop skills are pretty basic, so I reckon I could have done better in clearing the background of the original imagens, especially the corals. 


I'll leave the link to the files I remixed on my work:


- Flying fish

- Seahorse


- Coral

- Background (Twilight illustration)

Mt Bromo (volcano)


Before I go, can I pop a question? I've came across a lot of images under CC BY 2.0 license. How can you properly give credits to the original source of the images when selling your artwork? 


Thanks for the class, Evgenyia! It was great and definitely good fun! :) 


And thanks to all my classmates that stopped by to see my work. <3