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Marybeth Park

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Individuality Spring/Summer 2013 Lookbook

Hello everyone, my name is Marybeth and I’d like to present the Individuality Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook as my project.

I’ve been trying to push my creativity, boundaries, and ideas with mobile photography. I currently shoot with my iPhone5 only and utilize a few apps as my editing tool.  I’ve always had a huge passion for fashion and recently discovered I might have found the answer on how to combine my two passions, mobile photography and fashion. Tasha’s class has taught me the fundamentals to make this happen.

Through her skillshare class, I have learned so much and have gained mad respect for all the great lookbook photographers out there. In her project guide, I took the time to really review the photographers that Tasha is inspired by.  Out of the list, I favor Van Style’s work the most and his use of angles and space. I enjoy shooting my subjects with negative space and the poses in his shots are very similar to my tastes. I also favor Anna Li Sian’s work because I am drawn to the angles, close ups, and coloring in her photos.  Tasha describes Anna’s shooting style as “imaginative and leaves room for interpretation,” I also like to dabble on that side of my creativity.  I never realized how much research and planning goes into executing an amazing lookbook and I’m hoping my work can stand on its own. With that said, I present to you my project.

In the beginning of the class I didn’t know what to shoot until I started step one provided under lesson 1; “Gather as much information as you can about the brand and collection.” I inquired my friend, who I will be using as my model, to list brands he had in his closet. One of them was 10.Deep. I’ve heard of them and have seen their clothes but never knew what they’re about. After researching their brand, I felt the skies open up and the light shine down! I plan on using their brand description as the driving force for my lookbook vision.

“….communicates the bold power of individuality…forget everyone and listen to yourself. Strength lies in the hands of an individual (10 fingers), not in the approval of one’s peers.”  -

I truly respect and live by their motto. I believe expressing your individuality by whatever means is the most powerful freedom anyone can have and fashion definitely falls under this category.

Lesson 1: My mood board

For my inspiration board I gathered a collection of photos from other lookbooks as well as photos from just the internet that will help achieve the vision that I am executing for the Individuality lookbook.

My moodboard exhibits three ideas: campus, street wear, and motionless posing.

Campus- I kept 10. Deep’s motto in mind when I chose this location for the shoot.  School/college is a place where people start to develop their true self and where they can start to struggle finding themselves. What they want to be, how to act, and more importantly, who they really are. I feel the campus location is a perfect psychological element to my vision. I live in Seattle and plan on using the University of Washington campus. I’ve taken photos there a couple of times and love the different lightings, architect, and classroom settings. I was ecstatic to see that Anna Li Sian’s Staple Fall/Winter lookbook was done in a classroom setting and was very inspired by it!

Street wear- I am staying true to my individuality and love for street wear. 10.deep is a street wear brand and because I am using their motto as a driving force, I chose streetwear. It’s one of the biggest sellers in the apparel industry and one that deserves to be seen in all its glory.

Motionless posing- I was really drawn to the photos I chose for my board. As stated above, I’m a fan of shooting at angles and creating negative space to create a different feel on the subject.  I plan to capture some of these poses in my own way to successfully show the vision I’m driving for. I also like how some of the models are not looking directly into the camera. Again, this is another favorite shooting style of mine.  I believe with the right lighting and background, a profile shot can create a powerful point and a look up into the sky can even tell a story if captured at the right moment. The model looking away, down,or up from the camera I want to try to execute without taking away from the clothes. I have male and female photos on the board because I was planning to shoot both genders, unfortunately, under personal circumstances, the female model didn't follow through. However, I wanted to keep the female photos on here because I favor the shots due to their posing and angles.

Check out my mood board aka inspiration board!

Lesson 2: My Shot Checklist

  • Sitting down/bench shot
  • Stairway shot
  • Hallway shot
  • Classroom shot
  • Library shot
  • Window shot
  • Front and back view of each top
  • Front, back, and side view of hoodie up
  • Side view of each look
  • Side view of each top to show fit
  • Full body view of each look
  • ½ body view of each look
  • Close up view of tops on model
  • Close up view of all labels
  • Close up view on small details (logos, color patches, patterns) on tops
  • Close up view on hats

Lesson 3: The Final Lookbook Project

I present to you my final Individuality Spring/Summer 2013 lookbook inspired by 10.Deep's brand description. Tasha's class has shown me the work flow and thought process involved in order to execute a successful lookbook. I love the fact you have to research and find inspiration to help sell the brand to the audience while maintaining your vision.  I will be honest in saying this was entirely new to me and at times I did find it difficult to achieve the vision I was trying to shoot with the limitation I have using the mobile camera. All of these photos were taken and edited by my iPhone only. Something I learned from this class in uploading my final shots is that the edited versions on my iPhone look entirely different on the computer screen. This will definitely be something I will learn from and work on in the future. I hope my lookbook can still stand on its own. I have learned a lot and will appreciate the constructive feedback/advice. Thanks all and thanks Tasha!



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