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Preston Attebery

Creative Director, Illustrator, CEO



Indien Apparel

Name: Indien Apparel

Why "Indien Apparel"? Take away the "n" and you've got "Indie." It connotes individualism, an under-dog mentality, and a concept that other people, especially artists, can relate to. Most importantly, it adds the element of our theme, Native American. 

Slogan: Join the Tribe

Why "Join the Tribe"? Everbody wants to be a part of something. I don't care who you are, an artist, baseball player, entrepreneur, and even Jeff Staple himself. Its fundamental. Its in human nature, to fit in, to be a part of something greater than itself. I bet you're already thinking it, this "join the tribe" notion is bigger than Indien Apparel itself. Its the engine that drives Indien. This is who we are!

Carpe Aurum - Sieze the Gold!

 This line was designed to make you feel like a million dollar man. Jay Gatsby. Jay Z. With deep greys and black accented in Gold, this line is made to stand out. I gave it a real nice artistic feel. Featuring a greek sculpture, and blacked-out Indien Head, and a gold Indien Head with a baroque patterned shirt. i wanted to first of all put a native american spin on the ancient artwork, yet also add a modern twist to it!

About Preston Attebery:

My name is Preston Attebery and I am the designer and owner behind Indien Apparel. I am a self-taught graphic artist freelancing for other companies and of course, designing all the Indien Apparel tees. I am currently 17 years old and have been in the apparel industry for about 2 years now. I love what I do! I'm still a kid but I can hang with the pros, because I am one!

I started selling my art at about the age of 12. I would hand-draw trees, names, and various other things and sell prints of my artwork to friends and family. Eventually I graduated to tees! I then spent the summer in England graphic designer in a church. (A modern church ;) After my experience in England I cam back and started freelancing for various people. A year later I'm still doing just that! I managed to save up enough cash to buy my first load of Indien Apparel shirts. Since then I've been going alln out.


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