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Indians Uniform Redesign

I have loved Cleveland baseball for as long as I can remember. From the mid to late 90's when we sold out 455 times, and made the Jake a nightmare for opposing teams. To today, when we fight between being adequate and mediocre. All that being said, that made my decision for which team to pick for the redesign easy. That and Chief Wahoo.  Here's a brief summary on the positves and negatives (some are obvious) of this team's uniform.

The team's logo:

Yes, the elephant in the room that won't stop breaking your floorboards. The ever polarizing Chief Wahoo. He dates back to the club's early days, and is a "tribute" to Louis Sockalexis, a Native American ballplayer. The reality is, we were just riding the coattails of the Boston Braves. More than likely management saw how well the Braves did (winning the World Series in 1914) and hoped it would turn their fortunes around. Wahoo was introduced in 1947, and he's still on all our gear today. Personally, I could do without the Chief. We've been clinging to the past too long, change in this instance would be a good thing. 

The team's caps:

From the top you have the home and road caps, the scarlet alternate cap, and the navy Wahoo alternate cap. I was raised old-school when it comes to on-field apparel. You have two caps, home and road. All these extra alternate caps feel so unnecessary. And the derail the attempt of creating consistency in our visual identity. Are we no frills with just a block "C"? Or are we fun, happy go-lucky with Wahoo on our lids? The scarlet alternate, and the navy block "C" should be our only two. 

The jersey/ pants:

The caps were just the tip (pun intended?) of the iceberg when it comes this uniform. Lots of mix-and-match options here, which isn't helpful for a team that needs visual solidarity. Like their cap counterparts, I love the home alt, and standard home uniform. The script on both uniforms match (sort of) and it gives you a sense of what you're getting. Ivory and power red at home (love this combo), and good 'ol gray and navy on the road. Part of my love for these two options hark back to the 90's era teams when it was red at home and navy on the road. The uniforms just popped right out at you. Very distinct, very vibrant looking. I do however like the standard home script, reminds me of the Feller/ Doby era that last won a World Series.

Cleveland's uniform's are a lot like a young, star-in-the-making pitcher. This uniform has great potential, but it still needs to work out the kinks to be truly spectacular.


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