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Indianapolis Colts 1950 Throwback Uniform

For as long as I've watched football, I've loved the Indianapolis Colts. Though I was born near Baltimore and raised on the city's teams, I was immediately drawn to the Colts after watching Peyton Manning for the first time as a young boy. Few cities hate a sports franchise as much as Baltimore hates the Indianapolis Colts, the team that abandoned the city on an early winter morning in 1983 and relocated to Indianapolis. Despite the disappointment of my Maryland family, I continue to be a proud, die-hard fan of the Colts. As a student of both the history of Colts organization and vintage football gear, my uniform redesign project will be a complete departure of the blue and white horseshoe motif that the club has used for over 60 years. Through my research, I have discovered a beautiful forrest green and silver uniform that the team used in it's 1950 season. This uniform will both respect the history of one football's greatest organizations, but also address the team's roots in Baltimore. 

This is their current uniform: 


This is their current 1955 throwback uniform (last worn in 2010):

Baltimore Colts 1950 Uniform:

Inspiration Mood Board:


Uniform Design Options

Option 1 Uniform and Baselayer


Option 1 is the most historically accurate and my overall favorite. I love the concept of sleeve stripes on the baselayer, similar to what schools like Northwestern and Syracuse have done in the past. My ultimate goal of this vintage design is make it both elegant and historically accurate. 

Option 2 Uniform and Baselayer


For Option 2, the sleeve stripes are incorporated to the actual jersey, similar to what the New York Giants and the Florida Gators employ on their uniforms. This iteration is likely to be more consistent throughout the team, as players may opt out of wearing the baselayer sleeves because of weather, personal preference, etc. 

Option 3 Uniform and Baselayer


Option 3 marries the Colts' current uniform template with the color scheme and motif of the 1950's jersey. The middle white shoulder stripe is an added feature that I used to provide contrast between the green and the grey. 


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