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Yuyang Zhang




Indiana - Miles Between Me and the Cities

I love taking photos in this creepy windmill. It's not hard to find a open field in Midwest but this boundless landscape with gigantic turbines really catches my eyes since I first went to Purdue University.

I particularly like the feel when those turbines swirling slowly, its quietness just added aliveness to the scene subtly. While people may get lost in these squarely paths pretty easily, there probably might not be elsewhere this isolated.

This original photo was taken this morning when I was driving around the cornfiled. I think the raw photo is good enough considering the good weather. 

Then I threw it in the Snapseed for initial processing. For the most of time I use Snapseed+VSCO to do photos while sometimes I also use Skwrt to fix distortion problems.Here I lightened up and added a punch of saturation to the sky, as wells as some brightness to the left front wheel and the cloud.

Ver. 1:

I applied M5 preset to the photo, which is my must-go preset in VSCO of all time. Thus this version is my favorite one. I love the slightly washed out feeling of the preset, it's kinda flat, but the warm temp really makes most of my photos pleasant to look at. In some situations, sliding temp to colder side even  generates another special mood! Because the washaed out feel of this preset, some photos may look rather flat. In this case I usually add a stop of contrast to compensate the effect. Hope you guys enjoy this preset.

Ver. 2: 

This edit showed my early interest in faded photos. I used X1 and applied additional fade to reduce the contrast of the sky and could. Besides, I added 2 stops of sharpness (As well as the other two and most of my mobile photos) and brought up the shadow a little bit. I used to do heavy fade a lot, but later I realized that too much fade made photos somewhat obscure to look at.

Ver. 3:

Recently I was playing with C preses and this one was processing with C8. I love the feel of classic film like tone. The other thing I added on the previous version was the orange shadow tint, thus I could compensate the greenish look of the photo a little bit.

Hope you guys love my project, feel free to leave comments! I have been playing around on Snapseed and VSCO for a while and really obsessed with the convenience and flexibility of mobile photography.

Feel free to check out my Instagram feed: octopusmark. I am looking forward to know more photographers like you guys! 


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