Indian Gravy Made Easy - I did it

Indian Gravy Made Easy - I did it - student project


Indian Gravy Made Easy - I did it - image 1 - student project

Hi everyone, 

Actually this is my third attempt on the class. I hope I succeed this time. Need your support guys.

A little background about me:

I am a freelancer who is trying to find my niche. I love cooking, crafting, designing and a lot of colorful stuffs. I enjoy everything and I am everywhere. Last year I won "Masterchef Pondicherry" Which is conducted in a city in India. 

I thought I will share this passion of mine with you guys. 

Let me know what you think of my first look picture. I am so excited. Please give me feedback and Thank you in advance. 

My title: Indian Gravy made easy - is because I know how much it has become a global cuisine. I want to break it down so that you will know to build the gravy with different delicious taste every time with this trick.

So Let me know what you think and I will keep you posted. 

Indian Cuisine Made Easy

Indian Cuisine is one of the exotic cuisines that is popular throughout the world. The variety of spices we use is unlimited and it can be initimating sometimes to start cooking Indian Cuisine. This class is an introduction to Indian cooking.

How to make a gravy?

This class focuses on the GRAVY part of the Indian cuisine. We have a lot of different gravies that we use to side with our Rotis and Rice. I will break down the gravy into simple 4 steps that you can follow to make some amazing gravies. It is like baking cake. You vary the ingredients to get the desired consistency and flavor.

Let me know what you think of this intro video :)

Sneha Th
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