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Indian GIF


Audacity with invert effect


Audacity with Equalization effect.

Palm trees edited in Hex inserting random text. Took me a while to upload this. Had to convert the jpg into a TIFF then back into a jpg. So glad it finally worked!


My first data mashup in Audacity

Same files for mashup only I deleted even more on the end and added more silence in the beginning

I created this image in Audacity using the fade in effect.

This one is using phaser. I thought this came out too busy, but I might use it in an animated GiF later.

I like kittens so I wanted to mess around with one. I used copy and paste in text edit. I like the weird texture that emerged on her face.

Another copy and paste in text edit

I found these photos in the Flickr Commons, and great resource for images

I'm so inspired by everyone's work in this class, and Phillip Stearns is an excellent teacher, thank you Mr. Stearns!


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