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Indian Eagle Owl

Hello there!
I'm a motion designer that eager to improve my design/art/illustration skills. So I choose this class to begin with.
You may think motion graphics designers already know how to illustrate but I'm not one of those. (Actually I know, but I don't like/found my own style).

So I choose my favourite animal. Specific one too. Indian eagle owl.
I think as an own it is full of wisdom and peace, but as a eagle it has this predator side too.

These are my references (all found on Google).


So as you guys told us, I begun with a marked canvas and made some shapes to begin my owl.
That's what I got:

Now I found myself with lots of blank spheres on the chest, and I found these areas hard to develop.
Any sugestions? I really want to do something more before going to illustrator.


Went to Illustrator and made some guides which I didn't follow ¬¬
Set my colors and this is what I got till this point.

Suggestions and opinions are welcome.

Well I got my final project. Hope you all like it! (cause I do)

Thanks DKNG for the lesson, and you all for watching.


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