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India Craftisan

Born in India I was exposed at an early age to a rich culture that enveloped my senses.  I am going back to my childhood memories...of heena, block prints, madhubani art which I always saw on my mom's saree, on my dresses, buildings, toys etc etc. I am glad, I took this class which drives me back to my passion and memories. Happy and excited to do this project!!

( As Elizabeth mentioned- feel love and joy in design.!) 

Any feedback, suggestions, critiques are welcome!

------------Mood Board-------------


----------------------Vector Drawings-----------------------

Eliminating lots of drawing... as I thought all together was not blending well.

-----------------------Designing block and edges------------------

Came to the point, where it was just not balancing right, but after some time felt like magic and fun moment like everything coming up well, and I started falling in love again with design:)

------------------Coloring Pattern---------------------

I liked first color attempt, as I could imagine white on bedsheets or gift papers or courtains. Then I though why not to try different which can go for soap, bags or iphone cover. And I camp up with darker color .

-----------Repeating Grid--------------------

-----------------Mock Ups---------------------


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