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Index, Scale, Convert, Find, Replace, Repeat

Update 2:

Here are a few more blocks messed up with audacity.

Update 1:

So I again started with the same 2048x2048 macroblocks from before (see below)

Some notable differences in process: I tried pattern dither vs diffusion dither to get more triangular effects and increasing/decreasing the pallete by one every time the block was scaled. 

I began making 16-24 of these macroblocks at a time by starting out with a 4x4 block and using this PS action to reduce all that scaling to one click This produced identical results from the same initial 4x4 block so for every frame i altered 1 or 2 pixels slightly and achieved vastly different results at 2048x2048.

From there I cropped th einteresting bits to 512x512 and animated them.

Exported the frames as MP4 in photoshop.

Converted the MP4 to AVI in ffmpeg.

Opened AVI in hex editor and had some luck with find and replace a bunch of times, but things really got interesting when i made two similar but not identical avi files from the same 2048x2048 block and copy pasting chunks form one to another especially the data between i-frames denoted by DC 00.

Opened video as frames back in photoshop and exported as GIF.


For some reason they dont seem to be working, even when i upload through imgur, but here are the links.,HX3S2EU#1,HX3S2EU#0


So I Started out with a 4x4 macroblock in GIMP, randomly colored or from a screengrab, RGB colorspace.

Doubled resolution to 8x8.

Re-indexed color, dithering on, then converted back to RGB.

Doubled resolution again, Re-indexed color, RGB doubled resolution etc.

Here are the steps until 256x256, but I went up to 2048x2048


From here things started to get a bit hairy, but it was more or less different sequences of find and replace, convert to JPG/PNG, compress, find, replace, convert, compress etc.

and here are the results...


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