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Indecisive friendly nature-lover

Not an easy task!! I'm still not satified. Feedback is welcome. 

First I had a hard time choosing the words. So I chose how other people view me: clever, nature-loving and kind. Then I started to draw the way I'm used to: more intuitive. And that didn't really match the three words... It looks so simple on the video ;-)   And the age! Uh...

This is a very good lesson for me because I want to learn how to leave the sketching fase and ... turn it into a finished thing. Maybe 'indecisive' would have been a good word to add. 

Then I tried to have more fun with the practice of drawing and started to draw more shapes of heads and faces. Trying to figure out what I really like to do. Turns out I really like surreal images and also more romantic childrenbook-images.

This is what I've got so far. I'm continuing now with the figure with the animals. The thought was to make one shape/figure like a tree. Then I added the animal in it's hole. It was not enough so I changed it and added more animals. Drew it again. Added a halo (like a godess of nature). Removed the face. Maybe I'll draw it in later. I want to make the figure one colour yellow. Really flat. So I need to see how that works. 

I realised later that if I wanted to use this figure in a story she will have to stay immobile. Oh well. It's a godess...






After reading Jesse's feedback I followed his advice and thought a lot about how to depict the adjectives.

The drawings are simple but took a lot of thought. Ik schud ze niet zomaar uit mijn mouw!


Two things came up: people who recycle (especially if they don't have to) care about the environment/nature. And also hiking shoes show someone loves to be in nature... because I don't know anybody who walks for 3 hours through nature and doesn't like it there (I'm sure they exist but not many I assume). Plus they're not fashionable or comfortable or cheap so no other reason to wear them (again maybe for some...). Indecisive... I liked the two hairstyles idea so much I used it ... but had a hard time thinking of other ways to show that. In the end I drew two dogs who are going in different directions. The dress in two colours I did in the end. Before that I wanted to place a large recycle symbol on it. And that's what I chose.

I wanted to make a more spontaneous drawing as well and made one for kids. With her I drew a dog and a cat on a leash. If an adult did that I wouldn't see that as nature-loving but when a kid has a cat on a leash its oké :-)  I drew a dice on a string so if she can't decide what to do she can throw the dice and that will give the answer. The flowers (and animals) show she loves nature and to be outside.



And then I went on to the inking...

In future drawings I want to try if I can create more movement. The pictures are so static. I realised I often draw caracters like they're posing in front of a camera.


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