Increase Your Motivation to Accomplish Anything: Part One

Increase Your Motivation to Accomplish Anything: Part One - student project

Do you find yourself having big goals or even small to-dos that you simply can't get yourself motivated to follow-through on? How would you like to learn some simple techniques that will help you find inspiration and motivation to accomplish the goals you've set for yourself? This class is created to help you do just that! In this two-part course, you will gain clarity and understanding of what your goals are, why you desire them and what you can do to stay motivated, focused, on course and accomplished.


Intention Setting & Affirmative Statement Worksheet

The Intention Setting worksheet is a guided look into your life and what you would like to accomplish in the near future. We start by looking at the Self-Care Wheel to help orient ourselves with what’s going on in our lives. For this project you will choose 2-3 goals that you would like to accomplish in the next 6 months to 1 year. Think about those 2-3 goals that have been alluding your productivity and set an intention, goal and affirmative statement for each. Lastly, you will write down 10 incremental action items to support you on reaching your goals. I have provided you with a couple of examples to get your mind and motivation flowing.


Once you’ve completed the worksheet, I want you to post your final intentions, goals and affirmative statements somewhere in your home, office, car (or wherever you frequent everyday) - then... take a photo and post it in the Projects area! I look forward to seeing your intentions affirmed and integrated into your daily life.


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Kenya Moses
Creativity | Business Growth