Incoming message from Starfleet Command


Attention, incoming message from Jean-Paul Richard, acting Ambassador

Dept. of Creative Design, Message Level: Classified

United Federation of Planets

Dear Captain K. Palama

Commander of the Federation Starship Dreamalot

Captain Palama,

I wish to welcome you home after a long and arduous journey through the Alpha quadrant. We at Starfleet wish to acknowledge the fine work of you and your crew, the classmates of your Intergalactic Project: Skyrocket Your Creativity! When you are ready, feel free to dock your ship here at Starbase LAPIS LAZULI. Here you and your crew will enjoy the finest R and R available in this quadrant of the Milky Way.

We are transporting one of our emissaries, a civilian who has spent time on Vulcan and on Kronos, to study your creative methods, in order to improve diplomatic relations with other Humanoid species we are encountering daily. His name is Richard Mars, and he is an acting Commander, with all rights and privileges normally assigned to those with that rank. You will find him cordial, compliant, and a dry but infective sense of humor. He has proven to be a valuable asset to those whom have worked with him before. Please treat him as you would any other Federation student of creative projects. I promise that he will be a welcome addition to your crew.

I bid you adieu,

Ambassador JPRichard; Delta 9 Tango; Starfleet Command...OUT!