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Archunna Arumugam

Somewhere NOT IN America INCOGNITO in my blood




Ayo! Yeah, you. You looking for something? Cause what you’re looking for ain’t here. Come again? You’re looking for me? You sure... Cause I doubt you understand just who i really am. 

You want to know who I am? Well aren’t you feisty? I guess it won’t hurt to tell you.

I am Archunna Perinpanathan from Toronto. But the entire globe is my home, so I rep it to the fullest!

I am Incognito. A man. A fingerprint. An identity. I live in the same world as you but I’m nothing like you and you’re nothing like me. My dream is to become successful. And my definition of success is nothing like yours. But…

You know, we’re not all that different. In some way or another we’re all here because we’re not satisfied with what we have going on in our lives; be it school, work, or life in general. Might even feel like that face among the crowd. You might be thinking,

knows me, no man cares. Probably don’t know where you’re going or where you’ll end up. You may even feel like you’re hiding your true identity from the world. But one thing is certain. All of us here feel that our work will establish and build our identity.

So, you decided to come to me for some advice, did you? You need help finding your true identity? I’m guessing you don’t already know, but there is absolutely no way that anyone 

their true identity. You might not know it now but you’re the master of your own identity and there is absolutely no way of hiding it by simply covering your face with a mask or with a change of address.

The Birth of Incognito

I can see it in all of your projects. Like a heavy rainfall that doesn’t lessen itself in any circumstance, we look at what the world has to offer, staying strong for what we believe in and refusing what we’re told is right from wrong.

And the very first thing that we did to take our stand is to redefine the definition of Incognito. Has anyone ever told you what Incognito really means? Don’t take the book’s definition.  I’d like to tell you the true meaning of Incognito in a story; of a man. A man as unique as


This man, one-of-one, was once standing in the center of a crowd of a hundred one-of-ones. Questioning his day-to-day life, he was searching both high and low for some answers.  Not knowing his purpose or who he really was, he stood in silence and wondered only one thing. That no matter how hard he tried, he would never be able to tell if his dream of becoming successful would turn to fruition.

Did you know that your own personal identity works in much the same way? You may never know when you began to identify yourself the way you do or even why you do it. And as difficult as it was for him to understand himself, it is equally as difficult for you to hide your identity from the world.

Our main character then decided to do what might have you feel a little confused. He quickly slipped on a mask before a single eye could notice him. 

Wait! What? Isn’t he just hiding his face from the crowd? While those around him might find he was attempting to hide his identity behind the mask, this man had a different objective. He believed deep inside that what he spoke from his heart, the actions he took, and even the mask he put over his face in actuality helped him realize his true identity. His mask had formed another unique fingerprint to identify himself to the world.  If by wearing Incognito, you are that much closer to realizing your true identity, so shall it be done!    

Take a moment to witness this man in his 

Through your eyes.

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Our Newest Collection. 


  • White T-shirt
  • Medallion print (Mirror print to show reflection of your eye)

Always know who you are.

Always know your true identity.

  • Black Crewneck
  • Medallion print (Mirror print to show reflection of your eye)

Once you fully know yourself, you are given a certain POWER.

What you do with that power is up to you.

Just know one thing - You now have the power to create the world you want to see.


  • White T-shirt (FRONT)
  • Small POWER Logo

Grasp what the greats have done in the past. Use that knowledge to push you forward.

With the head of Caesar behind your back, excel the power of your identity onward.

  • White T-shirt (BACK)
  • Julius Caesar Helmet

  • White Tanktop (FRONT)
  • Small Power Logo
  • Identical Julius Caesar BACK

There will be times when YOUR power is tested.


  • Black T-shirt
  • Benji's EYEdentity

In the wrong hands, even a little power could change the future of the world.

If you allow the dead presidents to seize your power - be prepared to protect your identity at all costs.


  • Red T-Shirt (FRONT)
  • Armour design with small Incognito logo on chest

  • Red T-shirt (BACK)
  • Protect Yo Identity on neck


  • Black T-shirt
  • "I Power the World"

By knowing who you are. Using your power to create the world you want to see. And protecting your identity at all times. You are putting your identity on the highest pedestal ever. Inaugurate your identity. Not the dead presidents.

  • Black Crewneck
  • "I Power the World"

You now power the world...

Previous Collections

Everyone has a certain State of Mind. A state of mind personal to you.

The Incognito State of Mind - The ISOM is when you look at the greatest legends of the past and want to recreate their success and their legacy but in your own way. The greatest thing about a state of mind is that it can grow and become stronger. It is your gut, your heart, and your brain all wrapped into one. If your state of mind tells you "nothing is impossible" then    nothing    is    impossible.

TOXINcognito - A graffiti artists' gas mask is used as protection against harmful chemicals while protecting their identity from authority. What some may see as toxic, we see as art. And so we breathe out these toxins onto your walls.

Conceal your EYEdentity - Take a look through your eyes. Do these glasses shield your eyes or clear your vision?

Power of Zeus - In the clenched fist of the oppressed holds one of the world's greatest powers: Zeus' lightening bolt. Would you use this power to establish an identity or destroy one?

TakeOver the BOX Collection

TakeOver the BOX - Before thinking outside the box, take over your box. From corner to corner and from edge to edge, seize it as your own.

TakeOver the STREETS -  Look a little deeper, from a bird's eye view, and the streets will be yours.

TakeOver the WORLD - Once you take over the box and the streets, take a hold of the world. Make your identity global.


TakeOver the BOX Bandanna 

Incognito Clothing and my own personal identity has been consciously constructed by a collection of life experiences and knowledge

Whether it’s writing or drawing. I need to do it my way with no restrictions. “I was, after the fashion of humanity, in love with my name, and, as young educated people commonly do, I wrote it everywhere.” – Goethe, Poetry and Truth

Even before I recognized my own identity, the ideas of individuality and identity sprouted from its seed. My name on the wall grew to an idea and eventually a message. This message is now my Incognito State of Mind.

I’d like to share my name, my idea, and message in its rawest form. Before it was known as Incognito. This piece was written seven years ago and not knowing at the time where it would take me, I expressed what mattered to me the most: my true identity.

The Difference

We are all dragged along

From the place we belong,

To grow in a town

Where our voices are drowned,

From the loud roaring cars.

We live in a city full of mess and stress.

And our sun is built on poles.

In the dark

I see no DIFFERENCE between you and me

No DIFFERENCE between your mask and mine

Individuality has no meaning in our society

You chopped down our lives,

To build your bee hives.

Beliefs, emotions,

Promotions, and lack of sense

Separate the simple from the complex.

The only way to express yourself is through your voice,

And that is your choice.


Your brothers at Incognito hope the fire in you has been lit and will continue to stay lit for as long as your identity is true. Share your fingerprint with the world and remember...

"No man can walk out on his own story."


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