Inception Film Poster

I chose the movie Inception, because it's a movie that fascinates me again and again. 

The main character Dominic Cobb is a criminal who steals information by entering peoples dreams. When he is offered to have his criminal history erased and thus to have the chance to see his family again, in exchange for doing an Inception in the mind of the heir of a big business, he has to construct a complicated plan and get a expert team.

The plan involves the use of dreams within a dream, which is a concept that I definitely wanted to have represented in the poster because it's the signature of the movie.

So I mada a list of nouns and verbs that I associate with it.


Then I made some scetches of what I thought could look good


I decided that the one with the head looked best, because it also referenced the film being about dreams and getting more and more caught in your own mind, through having the labyrinth inside a head.

I then drew the head shape with the main sections of the Labyrinth which stand for the different layers of dreams.


I scanned this drawing and edited it in Photoshop.

My final result is this:


I then decided the background looke a bit boring and tried adding a texture to it (by sanami276 on DeviantArt)


I'm not sure if I like it better or not.


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