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I've decided to rework the brand identity for my freelance design studio, Incandescent Creative. Feel free to comment on my project—I’d love to hear your feedback!



In my creative brief I refer to myself in third person (I know, it feels weird to me too) because this helps me separate myself into client and designer.


Incandescent Creative is the graphic design studio of Anika Samples that specializes in brand identity and print design. She recently redesigned her logo and is happy with the new version but her current brand identity is incomplete and she feels like she needs to establish her brand voice and personality.


To complete the brand identity for Incandescent Creative and establish a brand personality that attracts the type of projects that she’s excited about working on.

Target Audience

Local and national clients in various industries including food, retail, entertainment, technology and non-profit who appreciate the value of design and don’t take life too seriously. These clients are likely college-educated, 25-35 years old, both male and female who own their own business.


Incandescent Creative is passionate about creating conceptual, beautiful and functional design solutions that will enhance your consumers’ experience with your brand or product and elevate its positioning in your industry. 


Other freelance graphic designers locally and nationally that specialize in brand identities and print design.

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Strives for perfection and has a keen attention to detail
  • Highly organized and respects the professional process
  • Passionate about design that’s not only beautiful but holds deeper meaning and is functional in various applications

Creative Considerations

  • She’s happy with the current color palette: light teal and yellow.
  • She would like to introduce a metallic element (gold or silver foil) in her printed products (specifically her business cards).
  • She’s happy with the logotype (Bauer Bodoni) but she needs a supporting typeface that is legible at small point sizes.
  • She wants to come up with a tagline. She briefly used “Thoughtful design from Austin, Texas” but decided she didn’t like it after she had it printed on business cards (doh!). Perhaps play on the words light, illuminate, bright, etc.
  • She wants a custom pattern to use on the back of printed products and possibly on her website.

Tone or Key Words

  • Approachable
  • Elegant
  • Tactile
  • Conceptual
  • Unpretentious 



Incandescent Creative Brand Identity Moodboard



The name Incandescent Creative quite literally came to me in a dream. I woke up from a deep slumber and suddenly knew what my company’s name would be. Not only did I love the way it sounded when I said it out loud, but I loved it because of its deeper meaning. Incandescent is both a type of lightbulb and an adjective that means “radiant, passionate, luminous, brilliant”. Lit lightbulbs represent bright ideas. Light symbolizes illumination, truth, enlightenment, intelligence, optimism, hope and the divine (basically everything good!).

I incorporate the idea of light in various ways in my brand identity materials. For instance, the graphic representation of light rays emitting from the lowercase ‘i’ lightbulb in the logomark, the logotype’s contrasting thick and thin stroke weight that represents light and shadow, and I plan on using metallic foil on my business cards to reflect light



I recently redesigned my logo because I found that the original logo was not very functional. The graphic treatment of the logotype made it so that it couldn’t be used outside of the shape it was placed in. However, I liked the logomark so I kept it and slightly changed the color and redid the graphic treatment of the “light rays”. Since the logomark is pretty detailed, I wanted something super simple for the type. I used Bauer Bodoni because the high contrast of the letterforms’ stroke weight represents the idea of light and shadow.

Original Logo

Current Logo



I explored some new color palette options by sampling from the moodboard and playing with Illustrator’s color guide tool. My primary and secondary colors are the same but I added a dark gray for the neutral and a bold yellow as an accent color. I decided to use the gray for the logotype instead of the previous color, which was a 40% shade of the primary color. 

Updated Logo





This pattern was directly inspired by one of the photos in my moodboard. I experimented until I found a pattern I was happy with and then explored color variations from my brand color palette. I plan on using these patterns on my social media sites and printed on the back of my business cards and other company documents, such as invoices and proposals.



My final brand identity presentation PDF can be viewed here:


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