Inboxing tasks: sometimes later is okay

I struggle with executive dysfunction (which can affect attention, focus, and productivity--the topics of this workshop), so I'm always on the lookout to find ways to better manage myself. It's the greatest barrier to my efforts to go freelance. I have calendars and to-do lists upon to-do lists and redundant alarms on my phone, and yet I still struggle to complete tasks, or even leave for appointments on time.

Something that I struggle with in particular is prioritization. A common reason for tardiness is that I'm working on a task that my mind insists I must complete before I move to the next one. I'm hoping that by thinking more about how to prioritize my to-do list that I can feel more flexible with it. For example, is it important that I finish this email? Yes, but its recipient isn't expecting an immediate reply, whereas the person that I'm meeting with will be physically waiting for me if I take the time to write it.

I'll want to focus all my attention on the meeting, so it's ideal to clear my thoughts of other tasks beforehand, but not to the point that I forgot about making it to the meeting on time. I'm going to make an effort to quickly jot what I'd like to write in my email in my Todoist inbox. I'll have to learn how to balance making a short note that is informative enough to remind me of my current thoughts.