Inbox 0

Inbox 0 - student project

I've already started using Todoist and am continually finding ways to improve my use of it (whether via blogs or just my own experimentation). Next, I need to use Todoist to help me get my inbox to zero consistently.

I've downloaded Flux to help me realize I need to stop working when it's late and I should be reading before bed (a habit I've been working on for a while and added a nightly reminder in Todoist).

I'm going to look closer at aTimeLogger2 to see if that would be helpful for me or if there are other alternative options to help me log my time and watch my habits that I'm not as aware of on a day to day basis.

My overall goal for the year is to increase my productivity and better organize my work life as well as my home life. And that includes physically organizing documents and random things that tend to sit in piles to get done later.

Here's to hoping I can stay on task and make 2019 my best year!